WOO HO Built-Up Double Decker Trailer

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Whether you're having lunch outside or watching late-night TV, the Double Decker Trailer is perfect for taking your layout to the next level. Building details include a window A/C unit, multiple doors and windows, cinder blocks, TV antenna and a trailer hitch. This multi-level trailer also features an unattached picnic table, trashcan and propane tank for custom placement. See photos for footprint.

This structure comes with pre-installed LED lighting made for use with the Just Plug® Lighting System.

30mA RoHS Compliant

Colors may vary from actual product.


  • Kit includes:

    • 2 Warm White Nano LEDs
    • 1 Flickering TV
    • Minimum 15" wire with Just Plug connector
    • Includes removable roof and unattached details


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