Woodland Scenics Medium Ballast Gray Blend B1394

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Woodland Scenics Ballast Shaker allows easy application of ballast material to create realistic railroad track bed, gravel roads, crushed rock and stones, hopper loads and coal piles. Available in several colors and sizes, you can mix and match for a realistic effect. Lightweight and easy to use, watch the video below and refer to the resources tab for application instructions.

Ballast color can be changed using Woodland Scenics Earth Colors Liquid Pigments (WOOC1216-C1223, WOOC1228, WOOC1229) to dye Ballast. In a disposable plastic cup, add Ballast to desired color of pigment and mix thoroughly with a craft stick or paintbrush. If a lighter color is desired, dilute pigment with water. Let set until preferred color is achieved. Spread out Ballast on newspaper or paper towels and let dry.

ALLERGY CAUTION: Ballast contains tree nut by-products.


  • High quality track ballast used to hold ties in place
  • Also great for modeling gravel roads
  • Mix and match various colors for a realistic effect
  • Attach with Scenic Cement (WOOS191)
  • Shaker contains 50 cubic inches of material
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