Kyosho Mini Z Toyota GT-One TS)20 No 2

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  • Updated series includes the new Syncro KT-531P transmitter with multiple setting options.
  • Redesigned circuit board with newly developed control program dramatically improves steering feel.
  • Highly detailed display-standard body is fully factory finished.
  • Full ball bearing specifications include 7 bearings, previously an optional upgrade.
  • Compatible with all MINI-Z Racer body styles
  • Front suspension incorporates VCS that optimizes camber angle with suspension stroke.
  • Compatible with optional gyro unit (KYOMZW431). Volume of gyro effect can be adjusted on the chassis.
  • Compatible with optional LED light unit clear & red (KYOMZW429R).
Length: 178.0mm
Width: 80.0mm
Height: 45.0mm
Wheelbase: 102mm (3L)
Chassis: RWD (MR-03)
Motor Mount: LM
Front Wheel Offset: Narrow +3.5mm 
Rear Wheel Offset: Wide +1.0mm
R/C System: Syncro KT-531P
  • Factory assembled chassis
  • Pre-painted plastic body, complete with markings
  • Perfex KT-531P 2.4GHz transmitter
  • Front tread adjustment parts set
  • Pinion gears 6T,7T,8T,9T and tool
  • Spare wheel nuts and wrench
  • Mini pylons
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