Badger Modelflex Paint - 1oz 29.6mL -- Engine Black

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If you’re not satisfied until every detail is perfect, then let MODELflex¨ bring your models to life. It is a superior hobby paint designed to help modelers achieve authentic, professional painting results, with greater ease and proficiency. Waterbased MODELflex¨ is easy to apply with an airbrush or paint brush and clean-up is fast and easy with MODELflex ¨ cleaner. MODELflex¨ paint dries in 12 to 15 minutes at room temperature (3 to 5 minutes if heat dried). FEATURESAvailable in 1 oz plastic bottlesMade of high quality organic pigments for superior color retention and color fastnessMODELflex offers extreme fine-coat coverage without conceling intricate detailsprimers are not required with most colors (primers are recommended with lighter colors)Superior adhesion to most plastics, resins, metals and various other substratesDecaling and detailing may begin in 15 minutes if heat driedEnvironmentally friendly, safe to use, non-flamable, non-cardinogenic

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