Traxxas Accessory part for these models: Rustler® 4X4 VXL Rustler® 4X4 Slash 4X4 Ultimate Slash 4X4 VXL Stampede® 4X4 Unassembled Kit Stampede® 4X4 VXL Stampede® 4X4 TRX-4® 1979 Chevrolet Blazer TRX-4® 1979 Ford Bronco TRX-4® 2021 Ford Bronco TRX-4® Equipped with

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New Winch Compatible Bumpers

Installation is simple. Winch-compatible bumpers are available for all TRX-4 and TRX-6 models. Simply install the winch on the bumper and install the assembly in place of your model’s stock bumper. Add the #8088 accessory LED light bar to the new winch-compatible bumpers (8865, 8866, 8867, and 8869) for even more scale realism. Accessory bumper not required for 2021 Ford Bronco (model #92076-4) 


Bumper -TRX-4 Defender (#8866)
TRX-4 Defender
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Bumper - TRX-4 Sport (#8866)
TRX-4 Sport
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Bumper - TRX-4 ‘79 Bronco & Blazer (#8867)
‘79 Bronco & Blazer
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Bumper - TRX-4 Mercedes-Benz G 500 & G 63 (#8868)
G 500 & G 63
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Bumper - TRX-4 1969 & 1972 Blazer (#8869)
‘69 & ‘72 Blazer
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 LED Light Bar (8088)
LED Light Bar
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Available Accessories

Accessory aluminum fairleads and colored line are available to
customize your winch to match the style and color of your rig.


Red winch line
Red (Included)
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Fairlead - Graphite (#8870A)
Graphite Fairlead
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Fairlead - Red (#8870R)
Red Fairlead
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Fairlead - Orange (8870T)
Orange Fairlead
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Fairlead - Blue (#8870X)
Blue Fairlead
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Fairlead - Green (#8870G)
Green Fairlead
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