Amaco Amaco Sculptamold

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his white, non-toxic, cellulose-based compound combines the best features of clay, plaster, and papier mâché. Sculptamold is lightweight like papier mâché, but it does not shrink. It models and casts like clay, and sets up hard like plaster in about 30 minutes. Cast it in molds made of rubber, plastic, plaster, or even sand. It can be worked with tools, or by hand. While wet, it adheres to almost any clean surface, including glass. It can be applied to an armature, or over any core, without cracking or shrinkage. Apply wet material over dry to add finishing details. Cure the finished piece by allowing it to air dry for several days. The curing process can be speeded up in a low oven. Sculptamold dries exceptionally white, with a matte finish. Once it is dry, Sculptamold can be sawed, sanded, smoothed, carved, or nailed. Surfaces can be decorated with any paint. Sculptamold is not waterproof, but a finished piece can be made water resistant with clear lacquer, varnish, or gloss acrylic. Finished pieces are lightweight, but also strong and durable. Sculptamold pieces are shatter and break resistant. Sculptamold is furnished as a dry powder, and can be prepared easily within minutes by adding water. To prepare, blend approximately two parts Sculptamold with one part water. Mix only an amount that can be used in less than 30 minutes, and clean the mixing container before preparing a new batch, because hardened material acts as a catalyst, speeding the hardening of a new batch. Use a slightly thinner mix for molding and finishing.

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