Walthers Amtrak(R) - Phase IV Walthers Part # 932-6163 Ho scale used

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Entering service in 1979, Amtrak's bi-level Superliner cars represented a major step forward for the company. The all-new design (built by Pullman-Standard) used a common car body which could be outfitted as a coach-baggage car for short-distance runs, a long-distance coach with larger seats, as well as a sleeper and a diner. In all, 284 cars eventually made up the first fleet, which was put to work on western long-distance runs. (At the time, clearance problems in many eastern states prevented running these taller cars on several routes.)
Most of these venerable cars are still in service around the US and have worn three different Amtrak lettering schemes (called phases): Phase II = Wide red and blue stripes with small white pinstripes Phase III = Equal red, white and blue stripes with black logo on white background Phase IV = Large blue stripe with small red and white stripes
Prototype Spotting Features include: A rivet strip running the length of the car body Two-Panel roof construction Earlier Style Trucks - As delivered, cars rode on trucks supported by air bags, which proved unsuitable and were retrofitted with springs. Walthers Superliner I has the later style (sprung) trucks.
All ready-to-run HO Scale cars include movable diaphragms, working knuckle couplers and correct-style trucks with blackened metal wheelsets, optional preformed wire, side grab iron (easy to install using the molded-in starter points for drilling). Decorated cars include a sheet of decal numbers for each Phase to model several cars quickly and easily. Complete instructions and a decal lettering diagram are included.
PLEASE NOTE: As these cars are the correct prototype length and feature full underbody detail to match the prototypes, a minimum 24" radius is recommended for operation.



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